Staff Directory


Ms. Louise Hatton-Conway, Executive Director, 843-762-2272,
Ms. Bailey Tucker, Assistant to the Executive Director, 843-762-2272
Mrs. Maria Boltin, Bookkeeper 843-200-9650 (

After School Program/Summer Day Camp

Phone: 843-795-3137

Mrs. Amanda Caudell, ASP/SDC Program Director
Ms. Richelle Brown, ASP Counselor
Mr. Sean Marino, ASP Bus Driver
Ms. Jenna Tucker, ASP Counselor
Ms. Makenna Johnson, ASP Counselor
Ms. Camden Thomas, ASP Counselor
Ms. Callie Oliger, ASP Counselor
Ms. Sarah Britz, ASP Counselor
Mr. Will Honeycutt, ASP Counselor

Child Care Center

Phone: 843-795-3137

Mrs. Katie Ard, Director of Children’s Programs
Ms. LaQuetta Green, Assistant Director of Children’s Programs/Substitute Teacher
Mrs. Helena Pinckney, Teacher, 2 Year-Old Class
Ms. Kayla White, Teacher, 2 Year-Old Class
Ms. Genesis Fludd, Teacher, 2/3 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Sarah Seabrook, Teacher, 3 Year-Old Class
Ms. Jahnique Aiken, Teacher, 3 Year-Old Class
Ms. Allison Wilder, Teacher, 2/3 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Elma Rose Mendoza, Teacher, 3/4 Year-Old Class
Ms. Katie Lafayette, Teacher, 4/5 Year-Old Class
Mrs. Jennifer Gibson, Floater
Ms. Richelle Brown, Floater

LowCountry Pastoral Counseling Center

Phone: 843-795-0238

Mrs. Lisa Van Bergen, Clinical Director and Therapist (
Mr. Rick Lawhon, Therapist
Mrs. Leslie Jonsson, Therapist
Ms. Tenelle Jones, Therapist
Mrs. Brandy McAllister, Therapist